A Magic Beyond All

Mehak - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A Magic Beyond All

I was standing in the Walton Orchestra Theatre as the Philharmonia sat before me. They had completed their finale, and the music had blown me aback. I believe in magic. Not the “adaba kadabra” kind of magic, but the magic that is always surrounding us. I believe that music is magic.

A grand, black instrument sat in front of me. I struck a few keys, befuddled by how Debussy had managed to write and make such incredible music. It was the first day of my piano lesson, and my teacher gave me a warm smile. A nervous wreck, I wondered how my cousin had managed to play so beautifully. He was my motivation. After two years of practicing and attending piano classes weekly, I finally was able to play Fur Elise. I mastered it and was able to perform at a concert. After the concert, in the car, my parents told me how moved they had been by the music. A rush of happiness flooded me. While playing the piece, I had felt my self sway to it, and get so into it, that even I had felt moved. It was and will remain to be a magical moment.

In sixth grade, when it was finally time to choose an instrument, my first choice was violin. Again, my motivation was my cousin, who was also in the orchestra at Walton. I had attended many of their concerts, and listening to the Walton Philharmonia play had bought me a strange sense of comfort. Would I ever be able to play as well as them, and be able to give that comfort to myself, were questions that always swam around in my mind. My answer came in seventh grade, after performing Gauntlet, which had been my favorite piece that my cousin had played. My violin quickly became my escape from having to deal with real life. Now, I am always able to get lost into playing my violin, because it lets me let go of myself completely. The best thing about it is that it does not, judge me for my problems.

“Jana gana mana athinayaka jayahind bharat bhagya vidata…” the Indian national anthem, manages to bring tears to my eyes every time I hear it. The same holds true for many Americans as they hear the American anthem. These songs prove the power music has on people. Every time I hear the Indian anthem, I feel like my heart is smiling. It gives me a sense of realization that I do belong somewhere. I believe this is a joy that can only be given by music.

My connection to music is a parasitic relationship. The music seems to happily take every burden I put upon it, while it lets me indulgence in its happiness. I believe that nothing else in the world could give anyone this kind of happiness. Because of this, I believe that music is magic. As Albus Dumbledore says, “Ah. Music, a magic beyond all we do here.”