The Positive Way

stephen - swansboro, North Carolina
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that a positive method of teaching is the most effective strategy.

In the fifteen years of my life, I have noticed that when I am faced with punishment, I get out of whack or bummed. Which I think has an ultimate effect on my work and the amount of effort I put in. The possibility of being punished because you slipped up can have serious alterations in the way people work.

When I was in the fifth grade, my grades were very poor. I was failing every subject and was getting into trouble. One day at the end of the year, my teacher setup a meeting with my mom and I, and we discussed the situation. On the verge of being held back a year, something had to be done. So my teacher suggested a plan that when I completed all of my work and stayed out of trouble I would be rewarded with special privileges. The year came to an end and I was walking back from gym, suddenly one of my fellow classmates stopped me in the hall. I could tell it was a good thing and I was right, she told me that I was the only kid in the class to achieve Principal’s List. Which means I had all A’s on my report card. In a state of shock, I doubted her and walked into the classroom, my teacher told me what she said was true. So, when everyone received their awards at the ceremony I was proud to stand up and accept my certificate.

I still remember the day that we initiated what would help my education for many years to follow. Thinking back, without the plan from my teacher I never would have been able to achieve my full potential. Too this day, I still respond more to positive methods of teaching. I think many people will have the change in their learning if teachers would use this method.

That is why I personally believe that having a positive method of teaching will have the greatest impact on a student’s work habits and even self-esteem.