Always Fateful

Zach - CapeCarteret, North Carolina
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Always Fateful

I believe that the U.S. military has always been there to support our country through good times and bad times.

I believe that our nation should support them and not fight against them. The U.S Armed Forces are here to protect you. The media should not discriminate them.

Before I was even born, my father fought in the Desert Storm to protect you the people of the United States. A lot of his men were lost in battle, and still some of the men he trained are fighting right now for you. When I was almost six years old, my dad was down at the gun range every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. After school on Friday he picked me up from school. He new that I wanted to shoot a gun really bad. So he grabbed a stool and told me to get on it. I did so and he handed me a gun, I put it tightly on my shoulder, turned the safety off, and then pulled the trigger. It was the best feeling knowing that I shot my first weapon by myself. I still have the bullet casing tell this day. Since that day I have always wanted to join the military.

My grandma have told me that I will never achieve my goal and to give up. I think that she keeps telling me this because my dad was in the military and she didn’t like that my mom married him, so they never have gotten along. Every time my mom goes out with a marine my grandma hates them. But I am still working towards that goal.

The whole reason I did was to tell you to always follow your goals and don’t let anyone get in your way.