Say Sorry!

Zack - Morehead City, North Carolina
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: forgiveness

Have you ever done something you should not have to someone or hurt somebody else’s feelings? Well, did you apologize? I believe that everybody should apologize as soon as they get the chance. Even if it is something really small, or if you get in a fight if it is something really small, or if you get in a fight with someone after it is all said and done, you should say sorry.

One reason I say this is because if you were to say that you hated one of your parents and then they passed away, you would feel pretty awful. My dad told me this when I was little, so I apologize after everything I do, just to make sure that there are no hard feelings.

One time, I got into a fight with a kid when I was in sixth grade. After we all got over it, we became friends and he and I are still is to this day.

This is a great example of what I am talking about. No matter what happens, I believe everything is forgivable. For instance, how would you feel if somebody did something to you and never apologized? In order to keep others from being hurt and for you not to have a guilty conscience, I think no matter what happens you should apologize. Even if it’s just a simple sorry it tells the other person that you care. Even if the other person does not accept your apology, you feel better about yourself and eventually the person will get over it. Anyway, I guess I would never have that person as a friend if I did not say sorry and call truce. This also improves your image to other people that are around you or who don’t know you, especially to adults. I ultimately believe that everybody should apologize to everyone for who their mistakes affect.

The bottom line is if you ask for forgiveness, nobody gets hurt, everybody feels better, you clear your mind, and your conscience. So no matter what goes down, or the circumstances, always say “SORRY”!