Immortality in the Hearts of Others

Alex - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

Life is beautiful, and is without doubt, too short to waste on worries and frustrations. I never understood the delicacy of life, how instantly it could be tragically relinquished from us. Whenever I heard people mourn over deceased relatives and friends, I would sympathize for them, somehow feeling responsible or even guilty for their grievances. It took the adverse death of a great friend for me to discern that grieving was futile. By cherishing the precious moments that comprise our lives, we achieve a type of timelessness in the hearts of our acquaintances. I believe in immortality, in life after death.

August 7th, 2008: a brilliant sun shined upon Marietta, Georgia. Nothing could have possibly marred this magnificent day besides the usual last-minute summer reading work. Stuck at home, I toiled endlessly trying to complete my endless mind-numbing assignments. Life seemed cruel; three days before the start of school, I was imprisoned at home, rushing through a 400 page volume of historical and cultural terms. To alleviate my exhaustion from the dreary reading, I logged onto Facebook, a website essentially designed to aid in procrastination, for the daily gossip. It was around 6 pm when I learned that one my best friends died. An array of thoughts whizzed through my head: What? How? When? Where? Damn. I was in shock; I had always envisioned death as a steady passing into the afterlife. It never occurred to me that this release from life could occur at any time and could assail anyone. Smothered by confusion, I did not know what I was supposed to feel. Life no longer seemed fair; I felt numb and helpless.

The death of a friend hits me like a brick. Do I wallow in misery and grief, or do I persevere with a newly acquired revelation? At the time, it seemed impossible to ignore the feelings of choler and gloom. Then I remember the victim of this heartbreaking misfortune: a lighthearted, clever individual who never gave up trying, especially when making others happy. I recollect his everlasting smile and enduring ability to joke in perilous times; he was bliss incarnate. Spending his entire life embracing others with mirth, he would not have wanted anyone to grieve on his untimely death; he would not inflict pain and misery on those he cherished most. His departure showed me how wretchedly fragile life is, but it revealed that life after death exists; the memories we share will linger. We have limited time in existence, yet we infinitely reside in the hearts of acquaintances. Some people will die at a ripe age, while others will be unexpectedly plucked from life. Both, however, will leave eternal impressions that will attain immortality in the hearts of associates, friends, and relatives.