It’s Okay to Slow Down

Sarah - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

It’s Okay to Slow Down

I believe in slowing down–catching my breath–stopping to think. In the world we live in today everything is so fast paced that there’s barely any time to enjoy life. There are very few people who pause to think about meaningful things, few who relax, and few who take extra time to work on something meaningful. Today everything is done quickly so you can move from one project to another and there’s no time to stop or slow down.

As a high school student I get caught up in the fast paced lifestyle that everyone else leads. I go to school, do my homework, go to basketball practice, go to church, finish my chores, eat, and sleep. When trying to keep up with this lifestyle, I fall behind every once in a while and my frustrations get to me and I end up yelling at my family or completely ignoring my friends.

The week before writing this essay, my entire family and I woke up late for school (three days in a row). I had to get ready for school and catch the bus in fifteen minutes every day. Each time I woke up I ran through the house frantically getting dressed, packing my backpack, making my lunch, and eating breakfast. I’d then sprint out the door attempting to catch the bus.

In those three days of waking up late, I managed to forget at least one important item at my house: my binder, a report, money. Each day I forgot, my week got worse.

On one of those days, my mother pulled me over to her side and told me, “Slow it down, and take a deep breath. Regain your composure and get done what you need to get done.” Slowing down is now one of the main solutions to many problems in my life. I believe if you don’t slow down every once in a while you’ll find yourself not enjoying life at all, frustrated, and in my case, on the verge of tears.

I thought to myself it’s physically impossible for athletes to go fast all the time, so why should I try to live a life like that? My life, like everyone else’s, changes tempos. Like the tempo in the song “Fool in the Rain”, we need to know that it’s good to come back to a slower tempo in life so that you don’t lose our love for life.