Its All Your Fault

Omar - Houston, Texas
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

It’s All Your Fault

“IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT”. One of the phrases that I have but hate to use. In everyone’s life there are always some choices that are made but aren’t meant to be made. Whether it’s a small or big choice, it always has a certain impact on us. When you start noticing that choice was a mistake, you don’t admit it and that’s when the person starts blaming everyone else.

If you look over my school grades starting since elementary school, you will get tired of seeing As and Bs. I promise you that. I have always been the student that every teacher likes simply because of the high altitude grades that I’ was producing. I have always been pointed out of the crowed in some way. In one case, I was even shown as an example to a group of 85 students my age. I have always been proud of the choices that I have made. Not only because they were positive but also because I was visually seeing that my choices were the right ones, and they work on my favor. I was always receiving good feedback from my teachers. My family and I were proud of how I was doing.

These special things went on until my junior year. That year, I had the biggest epiphany ever. I made one of the most significant choices that I have ever made. This choice was also the one that has the outer most effect in my life in a harsh way. I made the decision to drop out of school. This is the only choice that I have not been proud of. The main reason why I made this decision is because of a decision that most people think is stupid. That reason was my girlfriend. Yep I am serious! All the relationships I have had in the past have been those that most people don’t take serious. But this girl was the one that got to me. I can honestly say that I love this girl. But it seemed that this love was turning me into a stupider, or should I say more ignorant than what I already was. Yes, I was coming to school, but it was only for a short while. Once you see me coming, then I constantly started coming late, and the next thing you know, I’m not coming at all. I decided to take my “early vacations” right after spring break. From then on I didn’t care much about anything else. Why? Because I was with that one person I was comfortable with. Nothing was bothering me until the beginning of summer. There I noticed that the choice that I made wasn’t the wises one that I have made. Since then both of us started arguing about the choice that I, I had made. I made the choice and yet I was blaming some one else. There was when I started noticing that I was beginning to be a failure. Not only because of the choice that I made but also because I was blaming her for my choice of leaving school. To be honest I don’t regret anything that I did because I know everything happens for a reason. But the one thing that I do regret is blaming her for my mistake.