love is medicine to cure painthan to die with it

oscar - houston, Texas
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Love is medicine to cure pain than to die with it

I believe that love is medicine to live for than to die with it.

Monday evening coming from school I saw this girl that took my breath and attention right away from my reading and at that same time she was looking at me with her eyes at me at all time. I that moment I felt that I was in love with the most beautiful girl I ever seen her name was Belen.

Belen was so beautiful to me every time I saw her, with her long brownish hair and her eyes two. I always knew that she was the perfect girl for me. One week past and we got to knew each other better, on a Tuesday day night I saw her leaving home so I stop her and ask her that magical question if she wanted to go out with me, and she said yes so I bought her a ring that she like. I told her I love and she said me too and we started kissing and a week pass and we had a nice relation ship between us. It was our second year together and at that time she had some news to tell me the next day.

The next day she said that she was going a way for good so I started laughing and I look at her that she was not joking around. I am going to go far away to a new house so I ask her what about us she looks at me sad and crying its over between us. In that moment I felt that my heart broke and fell into millions of tiny pieces, the pain that my love for her just turn into poison on my heart rotting all my feelings. It took time for me to start again with my game. In school I told this girl and ask her out and said yes. I wanted for some one to cure my pain rather to die with it.

Her name was Roxana and I was honest with her and told her the cruel thing that had happen to me and I she had some medicine called love to cure me. Roxana was so nice and beautiful she had brownish dark hair and light brown eyes. A month pass and I felt that she had cure my pain inside of my heart. I felt in love since I saw her too but I was indecisive if I wanted to ask her out, I did so thing turn out to be great now and I felt the relive that she had taken the pain away for ever.