Tomorrow is a better day

Juan - houston, Texas
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Tomorrow is a better day

After we finish playing soccer, I ran to my house because I was hungry. When I got home I saw my sister and my mom fight, I just ignore them and went directly to my room. I was tired of seen my mom and sister fight, they were always fighting for little things.

I was using my computer when I heard my mom and my ex-brother of law cry. My mom came to the room crying, and she told me “your sister is leaving the house today; she’s packing her stuff right now”, and I asked my mom “why is she leaving?” and she told me, because these past days she was coming very late to the house, so we went to her collage and caught her with someone”, she wasn’t finishing talking when I ask her “what about the baby?” she just look at me and told me crying “I don’t know”.

I was acting normal, like if nothing bad was going around the house, but inside I felt sad, and angry at the same time, she looked like if she was blind, because she did not realized the damage she was making to us. 43

When we got out of the room, my sister had her stuff in the door, she was waiting for the taxi, my mom was telling her “please don’t go, think about the baby, think about him” but my sister just stood there looking down at the floor. My ex-brother of law was at the other room taking care of my little nephew, crying of anger. My mom told me to take her to the store because she did not wanted to see my sister leave, so I took her. When we got back, my sister was not there anymore.

Now things area a lot better, I don’t see my mom and my sister fight anymore and my mom is really happy because my nephew is living with us. I feel happy too, because now I know my mom has another reason to live.