Strength to be Stronger

Wendy - Houston, Texas
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I have many beliefs but, this one keeps me going I’m only 16 and I’m barely staring to see life as a young adult but, my belief is “love gives me strength to be stronger”.

At 14 years old I stared High School as a Freshman I was shy, quiet, and intimated. Has months were passing by a handsome normal height guy looking at me with his sparkly dark brown eyes and then stared to talk to me as a real gentlemen with proper words as he was talking to me I felt a lot of nervousness and a lot of butterflies in my stomach I never felt this before. As we were seeing each other every morning I like him more and more and little by little we knew each other then I fond out something about him is that he entered illegally to the United States but, I was not surprised but, my love to him is pure and clean and don’t think negative intentions in him. Lastly, he finally told me that he wanted me to be his girlfriend and I gladly and excitedly said yes to him. I feel very happy beside him because when he hugs me I feel his heart beat pumping very fast and that I’m protected that nothing wrong is going to happen to me. When he kisses me I feel something so magical that I don’t know how to explain it but, it feels very special inside.

I finished freshmen year I received a abominable news that my boyfriend went to Maryland because he got a job there. I felt really sad but, I taught that everything could be possible so I communicated everyday on phone. As everyday was passing by I missed his hugs, his wonderful words, and the little kisses he gave me and always thinking about him and I realized that our love is getting stronger and stronger each day and I’m able to wait for him as long as it takes to see him again.

My other part of the story is that my parents don’t accept him by several circumstances that he’s illegal to the United States, he’s darker skin, and don’t have a future. In my mind I’ve always think positive things of him. Finally, I stared junior year he came all the way to Mary land to see me. Even if my parents don’t accept him he’s able to wait for me as long as it takes to be together. This day I see him every morning and our jobs and to move forward and to keep waiting until is the right time to be together.

I have faith to keep on going like the 1st thing is get my High School Diploma so, my parents and my future husband to be proud of me. To accomplish that I need a lot of encouragement to finish as my boyfriend tells me the more you wait the more things are about to come to you. I’m really grateful that I’m still seeing him even if I see him little time but, it’s enough to me to keep on going.