I Believe in Serving the Community

Katie - Martietta, Georgia
Entered on October 17, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: community

I Believe in Serving the Community

I believe in serving the community. I believe that my membership in the mother-daughter National Charity League will make a difference in the community and my life.

As a part of my monthly duties, I found myself chasing after little children on the playground and yanking the smallest kids out of the way of the swing set to avoid them getting rocketed across the playground if the swing hit them. For me, this was different from any babysitting jobs I had ever signed up for, these children were homeless.

I watched as the mothers lined up to drop their kids off at the volunteer children’s care center and then take off to grab the meal provided for them and their children. All of the mothers were participating in a course that would put them back on their feet in order to support their children, but for now they resided in a small apartment building at The Drake House.

There were few misbehaving children, although some were bouncing off the walls after they served them the desert portion of the meal.

No sooner were the kids done with dinner that I was being pulled and tugged out to the playground. They grabbed my hands and dragged me across the street to their closest form of entertainment, the swings and slides and jungle gym. Once we arrived they released their death grips on me and ran in every different direction towards their favorite activity. Soon enough the excited and jittery energetic faces that I first met with were now long and tired. They had exhausted themselves with running and jumping and even spitting all over the playground.

We all walked back, most of the children now in the arms of the volunteers, to get ready for movie time. I was leaving just as they were settling into their cozy little pallets on the floor while also clinging to each other when Casper the friendly ghost first appeared on screen.

I was not ready to leave. I wanted to make sure that all of the kids would be able to get to sleep alright that night. I was encouraged by the thought that these children only get the opportunity to be free from the small, confined living space and stressed mothers once a week. I had the feeling that I had helped them get away from their normally stressful lives, to the life of any other young children that I baby sit on a regular basis, and this enlightened me.

I was strangely confident that somehow, by volunteering and playing an active role (no matter how small) in these children’s lives, that I was making a difference in their lives and my own.

I believe serving the community will make a difference.