What if?

Hannah - Rochester Hills, Michigan
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
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She walked into the abortion clinic thinking that everything would be all right. She had no doubt in her mind that what she was about to do was socially acceptable. The doctor promised her that it wouldn’t hurt and that it would be over quickly. He lied. As she left the clinic, questions filled her mind. What had she done? Why did she feel so empty? She had been raised in a good home and had been taught that abortion was wrong. How did she find herself in this predicament? Years later, she’s still searching for answers. She still wonders about the times she never had with her child. This is a familiar testimony heard from so many young girls and women. They’ve been told by society that it’s their “choice” and that they are in control of their bodies, but when it’s all over with, there is overwhelming guilt and shame. If abortion is not wrong, why do so many women regret their actions? The obvious answer is that abortion is terribly wrong and that our deepest conscience tells us so. I believe that God himself tells us that abortion is wrong.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been taught that abortion is murder, whether it’s been in my home or in my church or even among my friends. I was taught that life begins at conception. There is a scripture passage in the Old Testament, Psalms 139:13-18, that says very clearly that God knit us together in our mother’s womb. God knew us before we were born and He also knew every last detail about our lives. How then could an unborn child not matter if God himself created each one of us individually? This is one of my favorite scriptures because it always reminds me of how much God cares for each one of us and that He knows each one of us personally. God put each and every one of us in this world for a purpose, therefore He is the only one that has the right to determine our time here on earth. We are not God. We cannot create life, therefore, we have no right to take it away.

People who are pro-choice argue all the time that a fetus is just a lump of cells and that it isn’t a human being. How can that be when ultrasound pictures show babies inside the womb sucking their thumbs, kicking, hiccupping and crying and doing all the same things that babies outside the womb do? They even say that a fetus is not a human being until it draws breath. The only difference between a developed fetus and a baby already born is the manner in which they breath, but they both do breath! A baby in the womb breaths the oxygen in his mother’s blood while a baby on the outside breaths air. They both have all the same features, the same organs and the same capacity for life. That is, if we allow them to live!

Pro-choice people will always argue that abortion is all about a woman’s right to choose what she thinks is best for her body. What about the rights of the baby? Honestly, it sounds much more like an excuse to be irresponsible. After all, if a young girl messes us and gets pregnant, she can just run up to the nearest abortion clinic and have it removed like it were an unwanted mole on her body. If the young girl really knew what was best for her body, she wouldn’t put herself in the position of getting pregnant in the first place. Unfortunately, many girls and women are raped everyday and it makes perfect sense that they would not a baby that is the product of that rape. Murder isn’t the answer though. Adoption is. There are so many couples in our country and around the world that can’t have children who would give anything to raise a child. There is currently a two year waiting list for adoption in our country. If we ended abortion, every one of those unwanted babies would have a home. It’s a simple solution.

There is so much evidence that points to the fact that abortion forever changes the lives of most women who have them. I recently read an article about a woman who had four abortions. It took her four times to realize it but she finally came to the conclusion that what she was doing was very wrong. There are so many testimonies of women that have had abortions and most all of them regret their actions. They have horrible guilt. If abortion is just a woman’s right, why do so many of them admit to feeling terrible about their decision? I’m convinced that most girls and women who’ve had an abortion had no idea what they were getting into. Society lied to them when it told them they had a right to rip an unborn child out of them and throw it away like it was trash. What kind of rational human being could ever do such a horrible thing and have no regrets? Even if you don’t believe in God or a creator, it’s hard for me believe that any sane person could rationalize tearing a living, breathing baby from its mothers womb.

There are so many “issues” in life that people talk about and debate. Abortion is the one issue that I am absolutely passionate about. I cannot find any reason where it is justified. There are so many alternatives to abortion, including abstaining, using contraceptives, adoption or just taking responsibility and raising your child. The older I get and the more I research it and read the testimonies of women who’ve been through it, the more I am convinced that it’s not only wrong, but that it’s a sin against God. If you’re not convinced, take a close look at what they do to that aborted baby and how they literally tear it from it’s mother. Take a look at the pictures. Today, I read an article about a baby that survived an abortion. It lived and breathed air. They put it in a biohazard bag and put it on the roof of the building to die in the heat. So where does it end? We kill them because we don’t want the burden and when they don’t die, we stuff them in a bag and leave them to suffer more? What do you think about abortion now?