I Believe in Family

Chris - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I believe in the strength and unity of family. A family that has an endless supply of support, that forms an unbreakable bond between siblings, and that passes on knowledge from generation to generation is a great positive influence on all of its members.

I believe in the honor of two grandfathers – the honor and pride of their lives as they try to plant their knowledge within the minds of their grandchildren, each in their own unique way. There is much more to it than just a man and his grandson simply fishing in the salty wind, silent, filled with an unwavering concentration as they compete to better the other. Then, to the opposite side of the spectrum, as the grandson listens to the ridiculous stories of his other grandfather’s glory days, trying to soak up every little word into his memory. As time goes on, the two grandfathers continue to add new pieces to the puzzle being formed, shaping the life of the grandson.

I believe in the power of unity, hidden in the most obvious place, the untarnished bond between a brother and a sister who possesses the wisdom and maturity of a woman twice her age. A bond nearly forgotten until the sister must leave to go out on her own to help better herself, leaving the brother wishing she were still around to lead the way. Yet, the brother soon becomes the one leading the way for the neighborhood boys he sometimes claims to be a piece of his family. These so-called “brothers” begin to idolize him, not realizing that even though he is much older, he, in fact, looks up to them while trying to figure out how they never cease to have the energy to keep going all day and seem to not have even the slightest worry about anything.

I believe in the strength of a great-grandmother who fights every day to see her great-grandchildren grow into mature adults. This strength has shown through over 100 long years fighting for her own survival and the survival of her future family. A great-grandmother whose memory is fading, causing her to forget names, but because of her never-ending love, can always sense when family is around.

Each member of a family gives the others a piece to the puzzle, which they use to create their own life and code to live by. This is why I believe in the strength and unity of family.