I believe in Faith and Patience

Floyd - Kingsport, Tennessee
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe faith is the inherent and invisible drive that keeps us alive and continuing toward our goals. I believe that patience is the fruit that faith creates as it makes us wait to see our hopes come true. I believe that humor is the fuel for patience and faith; which helps to carry us through the hard times and help us appreciate the good times.

My parents showed plenty of patience in raising us, believe me. I remember my mother as being half mom, half dad, and half frontiersman and my dad was always working. She taught us the Bible, cooking, and makin’ sling shots and dad made sure we were honest and that everything in nature has its own way. I believe it is in our nature not to have faith and patience, and that it has to be learned. I believe that patience allows time to consider all the facts without judging something or someone beforehand. I believe my parents taught without teaching.

There were five of us young’uns at home and with five in a line, patience is a virtue. It took a heap to keep all of us warm and fed. We put out a garden and canned everything that would fit into a mason jar which was usually old mayonnaise and pickle jars. Sometimes the stuff we were canning put up a fuss but we poked it into the jar anyway. We found that when you put good things in a jar, later when you opened the jar up, it would still be good. I also believe that even though we filled each jar with hard work and many varieties of fruits and vegetables, I opened each jar later only to find fond memories.

I believe that life is a jar full of moments and that time makes all things equal. I believe enemies will always try to outdo each other, but patience makes friends, and friends can work out a problem. I believe by faith one must be kind, helpful, and look for some good in everyone. I believe that by faith we must later give an account to God for how we treated our fellow man here on earth. I believe with patience we must overlook each others faults and mistakes, because you could be entertaining angels unaware, accordin’ to my Baptist/Methodist upbringin’.

I believe everyone has one lifetime filled with twenty four hours a day and no matter how much one person tries to squeeze into the jar of their life, it is still only one full jar. The trick is that with faith, to patiently put good things in the jar, so later when you look in it, it will still be good.