Garner - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in breaking down walls, the barriers that separate us from them, me from you.

I believe that our species is not an offshoot or aside simply spit out from an eon’s-worth of primeval vying and survival instincts. How can we be when we are the only beings on earth who willingly destroy themselves by destroying each other? I believe that old Charles might have gone to the Galapagos to escape from humanity and try to forget about our dark, fundamental tradition of persecuting our brothers.

But now, I’m afraid I’ve touched on a bitter subject that I’m sure many would say I have no right to inflame here in this essay. “The subject’s far too tender. You’d better not poke at it, or pus will start oozing out. And pus is ugly.” Well, I believe that a wound in society is still a wound, and that it will only fester and grow if we choose to ignore it. I believe that we must state our convictions, yell them from the highest rooftop. Not at each other, but simply proclaiming them as ours, and knowing that this possession means that everyone does not, and cannot, share them. And once the muzzles of our differences are clipped, there will indeed be an ugly gnashing of teeth, but I believe that this is simply necessary, for the beast cannot be tamed or learned to be trusted if it is not given substantial freedom. I believe that through this we are going to have to stop worrying about what is politically incorrect, and start focusing on what is spiritually unifying. I believe that it is all of us, together with our differences, that unite humanity as one equal entity, and through this I believe that we can break down walls. We can demolish the cold, hostile barriers that separate me from you.