Don’t underestimate the power of teammates

Austin - Emerald Isle, North Carolina
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of teammates. That may sound like a statement that an overrated athlete would say just to have a good reputation. But it really is the truth. Even the greatest athletes are not nearly as successful by themselves.

I believe no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. I play on two sports teams outside of school and three during school. Baseball, basketball, and soccer are the ones I participate in. Whatever I play, the whole team knows that anyone is capable of stepping up to make the big play. No one tries to be the superstar, we all just do our part. That is what makes us successful. You might expect someone to come up big, whereas in reality it could be the last person you would ever think about. The player can never make the team, because without the team, the player is nothing.

Soccer, the worlds sport, I am willing to bet that if you ask any professional soccer player what makes them succeed, they will say teamwork. With eleven players on the pitch for both teams, it takes the best teamwork and best communication possible to be able to be a legit contender. It is impossible to carry a whole team by yourself. Everyone must pick up some slack.

Same goes for baseball. Just picture this for a moment. The best pitcher in the world is pitching, so naturally everyone expects him to dominate the competition. However, he is out there alone, no fielders, and no catcher. How do think he will do? He will get beat every time. There is just no way for him to do it by himself. All the batter has to do is put the ball in play and he is safe because there is no way for the pitcher to do everything.

Basketball is a big one. You can take the NBA’s best five basketball players and put them against the best five players in college and the NBA players will win almost every time. But, if you take one NBA player and put him against the same five college players, I guarantee the college players will win. There is no possible way for anyone to cover everyone.

I play at some of the highest levels and I completely understand how important teammates turn out to be. I have many memories of where a teammate of mine bailed me out in a tough situation. But, one sticks out in my mind. I was playing soccer in a national tournament. We were ranked number seven in the state and we were playing the number one team in the state. I kicked first, but the keeper blocked it. I felt awful, but I watched as my keeper blocked the opposing teams kick and then another, and yet another. My teammates made their penalties and we ended up winning.

This goes to show that your teammates can come through and help out in the toughest times.