This I Believe…….. True Friendship

Adam - Lenoir, North Carolina
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe……

True Friendship

Since Elementary school I have felt the need for not just a best friend but for a true friend. I never had many friends through out elementary school because I was an over weight child. I was never really accepted into any of the cliques because I just did not fit. My fifth grade summer was very trying for me. I lost my grandfather and was forced to move over seven hours away from the place I had always called home. With all of the stress that was I placed upon I rapidly lost sixty pounds by the middle of sixth grade. This was a shock to everyone but to me it was a wonderful blessing.

As I transitioned into middle school I was no longer an overweight child but I quickly became a target for torture. I quickly realized I needed a true friend not just every day friends. I needed someone I could feel safe with. I had maybe ten friends when everyone else was always the center of attention. My Best Friend Was Erin Phillips, She was the only person I ever felt close to in middle school. We shared everything together. I could confide in her for anything and she could do the same for me. She was not the first Best Friend I ever had But Was the first True Friend I ever came into being with.

As the End of eighth grade approached I was faced with a potentially life changing decision. Do I go to West Caldwell High School along with everyone I have grown up with or do I go to Caldwell Early College High School along with my best friend Erin. My decision was quickly made; I would spend my high school years at the Early College along side Erin. The day acceptance letters came was a day of rejoice for me but no so much for Erin. I was accepted and Erin was not. So I was faced with yet a not even more difficult decision. Do I continue on the path that I feel is right for me or do I turn down a once in a life time opportunity to be with potentially the only friend I ever had. After many hugs and many tears we decided to travel different paths. We are still best friends to this day because we are true friends and true friendship will not let any hard ship get in the way.

My freshmen year of High School was different then what it would have been at West Caldwell. The school was definitely something different and so was I. No longer was I an overweight child or a middle school outcast. I made many friends and some would soon become true friends. No madder where life takes you there will always be opportunities to make true friends, it is just up to you to take the initiative to develop them.