Sure Don’t do good for yourself!!!!!

Leonard - 48034, Michigan
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Go to College!!

I believe hat everyone should go to college after high school so that they get the chance to become more in life. College opens so many doors and allows for so much more to occur in a persons life, college is a step above high school that allows for so much more, once a person gets to college they are subject to so much that things might even become overwhelming at times but everything that happens is for the better, to make you stronger, and to help you in life. College prepares people for he cooperate world and allows for them to have an edge on making money in today’s society. A college degree would allow a person to be eligible to for so many more advanced chances and opportunities in there lives. College should be more than something that is considered but should be something that is pursued by all. There is a college for everybody so therefore at least try one and I recommend once you start you finish. College is an immediate look at the real world it’s a place where your money is spent on education, living and food. After facing college you will be prepared to face any and everything in your life as you journey through the real world. Once you take the step to college you begin to walk the road of life, you begin a journey where people open doors for you so that you can open doors for others.

Once a person journey’s on to college they become subject to a whole world of new opportunities and are allowed participate in activities and to develop experiences that they might have missed out on if the never ventured on to college. Many people never decide to venture this road in fear, that it might be too hard or with the sense that it might just not work out for them, some even have the belief that it’s not for them. This fear is evident in the High Schools of our inner cities, yet the raging sea of experiences and opportunities is evident in our local businesses and the major corporations that support and allow our cities to run smoothly. This journey is one that has so much in store for anyone prepared to take it. This is a journey that one would travel to allow there feet into the door of the corporate world while at the same time it would allow them to build relationships that would for the rest of there lives be present and helpful to them as individuals and contributing parts of today’s society. Therefore one that chooses to travel this road is more prepared and is more set within there community, and is also one that would be more likely to make a difference in there society. This person is now a step ahead of the competition that life throws there way and know has more insight to the things that they will be subject to in the upcoming journey of life.

College should be more than something that is considered, it should be something that is pursued by all. Universities offer so many different types chances and opportunities to people from all walks of life, so there is no reason that college should not be pursued. Every time someone is forced to settle for less whether it be within in a job or some type of work force, it’s something that could have been changed by attending college, these people could live there lives in so many different ways if only they had the chances and opportunities presented to them. No matter the background you come from, college can still do amazing things for you. Pursue college because it will make you journey through life so much easier. College is a door open for everyone to walk through no matter your angle in life the door is open just the chance and walk through the door live can only get better. Don’t consider take action because taking action is the only way to be successful, and in life without success you cause your self to have to suffer through so many more obstacles that could have easily been avoided. So don’t think, don’t wonder, don’t consider act on your better instinct and go to college.

As I opened this essay I chose to use the words I believe, yet this was only to open the eyes of my audience to the truths of the real world, to the truths of what really needs to be done in today’s society. College is a mere stepping stone yet it is in the middle of the road to the top. A college degree is more than a piece of paper it’s more than just being recognized, it’s a key, a key that not only opens doors but a key that allows key that allows new doors to be created. With this key you hold the power to change the future, not only your future but that of others, that of those who are blind to what you might know, those who are in desperate need of a teacher, those in need of guidance. So once you decide to do something with your life, once you decide you want to be some thing in life, that you want to be successful, be sure to encourage a friend. I say this because belief is contagious and so is success, those who are successful roam on successful circles and those who wish to be successful aim to meet successful people and set goals to better themselves. I am personally glad and honored that this door is the one that I chose to take in life, simply because I would have missed out on so much if I didn’t walk through the open door that s been right in front of me as long as I’ve been in school. Everyday as I absorb the knowledge that is be bestowed upon me I am living a dream and creating a new one, so don’t let dreams remain dreams and go to waste yet make them into reality, take hold of them, take hold of your life, and make sure that that you grab hold of others. After high school you have only completed part of the journey and after college is complete you have completed the journey and only after you have completed the journey should you take time out to rest.