Hardwork is Success

Kenneth - Belleville, Michigan
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports, work

I believe that if you work hard for what your heart desires, you can be

successful. During the spring of 2004, I was the worst player on my

school baseball team. I played on the lowest level, the freshman team,

which was known to have players that were terrible and did not take the

game seriously. I did take the game seriously however, yet I was not

good at it. After practice I would watch the Varsity players and wish

that I could be as good as them. The Varsity players had every special

privelege–from getting out of school early to getting all the pretty

girls in school. I wanted to be one of them very badly. So I said to

myself, “I’m going to be on the Varsity Team and be better than them.

The only thing I have to do is work extremely hard all day and all

night.” As you can see I had all my work planned out. All I had to do

was execute.

One night in the Spring, I sat in the kitchen with my

parents and told them what my goals were. They were happy for me and

said that they would do anything for me to reach my goal. My parents

hired a trainer who was known all over town for training the best, even

though I was terrible. I started training and thought it was going to be

a breeze, but I could not be more wrong. Once I ran, hit, threw, and ran

again, I thought I was done. Soon enough, I found out that I was just

getting started. I was training everyday of the week until the next

season came. Week by week my skill level started increasing. I realized

that I was not simply getting better, I was getting stronger as well.

I began to feel my confidence level grow higher and I could

not wait until the next spring came. I was ready to show my new talent,

and still worked hard with my trainer as if try-outs were the next day.

My trainer taught me how to switch hit and play every position on the

field. Months went by and it was finally a week away from try-outs. A

couple of days later, we had a baseball meeting to sign up for the team

we wanted to try-out for. I signed up for JV and was ready to show off

my skills.

The week went by and it was time for try-outs. Try-outs

started and we did all kinds of drills and scrimmages. I must admit that

I did very well at both. I did so well that the Varsity coach told me he

wanted me to practice with Varsity the next day. I was happy and could

not wait to tell my parents the good news and thank them for their help.

On my way home I said to myself, “If you work hard for what you want you

can be successful.”