A Short but Sweet take on History

Josh - Lakewood, Colorado
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

A short but sweet take on history

History is one of the greatest gifts that have been bestowed on mankind. History is being taught to us today so we can ascertain the important lessons in the lives that took place earlier than ours. Be it a darker period in civilization, where we see the horrendous acts of mankind at its worst. Or be it a better time where we can take all of the good of the past to improve the now. Gaining the knowledge of atrocious wrongs can allow us to ensure past follies are never repeated simply by seeing how they appeared in the first place. Plus, if we see a great time of splendor, we can see how it came to be and give the same gift to ourselves. Learning history is also abounding with knowledge of how people saw the world in an earlier period, not just ways that we can improve our lives. Despite history being taught on an international scale, there is also a history belonging to every individual. This personal history is an individual’s past, instead of historical fact and theory though; it’s made of a person’s memories. Every outlook we have in this world probably has some root in our personal histories. Personal histories also grant humanity the same gift large-scale history brings, bringing better lives to the present. We all have moments that we are ashamed of, but there are also plenty that we are pleased with. Be it a personal history or general history, they both allow us to learn from our mistakes and glories. Learning from history is one of the most important obligations mankind has to fulfill. For without this knowledge we are destined to repeat our past simply because before we may make ourselves a future we have to look to our past.