I believe in survival

Evelyn - Oswego/IL/60543, Illinois
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the force of determination, and the support of family and having a positive input in life; and wanting to live everyone can accomplish every obstacle in life. The experience that made me personally realize this was less than a year ago one of my mother’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had everything going for her. She also had the perfect family, her life was going as she had planned, though she would be getting some pains in her breast that did not seem normal to her she decided to get checked up. She remembers going to the hospital thinking that she would only get medicine, but she never saw the possibility of that pain being a cancer.

The day that the doctor told her that she had breast cancer it came to a big surprise to the whole family. The whole family was in shock, and did not know what to do, but support her and tell her that everything would be all right, though down deep inside everyone was scared. They were scared to see how she would react to the medicine. No one would have expected someone in the family to go through cancer, especially because she was healthy. She had always been a positive person, and believes that she would go through it, and she had all of the support of her family.

She never wanted to worry the family, when the family was sad she tried to be positive and tell her family that everything would be fine. Though she did not feel well. She started to lose her hair and her skin color was normally white then it turned brown and dried, she noticed it but everyone told her skin color was still the same. So, she was determined to finish her last treatment, because she wanted to attend her brothers weeding. She was determined to get healthy and she accomplished what she put her mind to.

She is now well her hair is long and her skin is back to normal she was always positive. Now a day her family is still supporting her, and calling her everyday to see how she feels. I believe in being positive and having the support of family is very important. My Aunt never thought negative, if you think negative, negative things will happen to you. Everyone should go get checked up at least once a year, because cancer and illness never warn you before they come in you family. Being positive and wanting to live will help you go through a lot of obstacles. Take care of your family and support them, because you never know when one of them could get very sick, or you could lose them.