This I Belive…

Brandon - Bowling GREEN, Ohio
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My story starts out on a Saturday afternoon, it was a very nice day outside. The day was very calm. It was your average summer day, 86* out, sunny, and hot. My parents were out on their motorcycles with their friends on a poker run. The time was about seven o’clock, this was about the time they would come and start partying, but that wasn’t the case today. As I was getting the party ready for my parents and friends I received a phone call. There were about a dozen people over waiting for them to get home for my sisters birthday. I picked up the phone and said “ Hello?” no answer. Again “Hello” no answer. “Hello” a third time, and all I heard was crying and ambulance sirens in the back round. My heart dropped immediately. My mother was on the phone telling me what the hell was going on. As she was explaining what had happened all I heard is the life flight helicopter go over my house. Then I started praying, same with everyone in that whole house.

What happened was my Aunt Renee and my Uncle Brian were in a motorcycle accident up the street. The accident was two miles up the street right by this dangerous curve that a lot of accidents happen on. Both, Brian and Renee, were in an accident so bad that there was nothing left on Brian’s bike that was repairable. Brian walked away from the accident, but on the other half of the bike, Renee didn’t. In the accident Renee was flung into the air and she had hit a stop sign. Her face, mouth, shoulder and neck all collided with a 25 m.p.h. sign and she was pronounced dead on site. When the life flight got there about 20 minutes after the accident and about five minutes after, they took her away in the helicopter and brought her back to life. When she was pronounced dead the whole house had gotten silent. Every one in the house started praying to god. There were all sorts of people at the party, even people that didn’t even know Renee and they started praying. My parents came back to the house with there friends and started praying too. Brian went to the hospital to be with Renee. What had happened to Renee was very devastating, let me just put it to you this way… she was in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for about a week. And was in the hospital for about three months total. Every chance I had I prayed to GOD. This I believe God was on her side that night.

God helped her get through everything. She couldn’t talk for about three-six months after she got out of the hospital. She had to eat everything through a blender and everything had to be made for her. She was bed locked for about two months. But she got through everything and beat the odds, tremendously.

This I do believe God does exist, he was on her side the whole time. I was with her a lot of the time because Brian was out of town on business. I became the bigger person and helped her get through a lot of things. Her and I prayed everyday to bring happiness to her. Now she is better than ever. She loves life to the fullest and lives every day to the fullest. This I do believe that god does exist and is there every time you need him to be.