I Believe in Me

Quintin - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Me

Know in advance, the term “believe” doesn’t have any bearing on how I live my life. I do not believe in believing, I think it’s better to have ideas. Ideas can easily be adjusted, yet beliefs are structured with such a strong foundation that they can not easily be eradicated. People have caused destruction and have done irreparable damage to other people, cultures, and entire civilizations because of beliefs. Beliefs adhere themselves to the soul, unwilling and unable to detach from the psyche. When I say that I “believe” just know in advance that I’m not advocating beliefs which I accept as true, but ideas that I acknowledge as the defining characteristics of my entity. For the sake of this essay, I shall divulge the quintessential position of this assignment.

If I had to choose anything to believe in, I suppose I’d say that I believe in me. There is no one else to rely on in this world other than yourself and your family. Once you leave to start your new life, there is no one to turn to when your thoughts have kept you up all night. When your heart knows nothing but fear of the unknown and the once soothing moon has become your reaper, and self-reliance is the only dependable source for comfort. Realistically, the only rational solution for making something of yourself is the idea that you can count on your own independence to guide your conscience.

Simultaneously, the proposed theory of faith, while interesting, is questionable when you say “I Believe”. If there is a religion that doesn’t preach fear, obedience, groveling and living a pre-lived life, I’d love a brochure. My ideas (beliefs that can be changed) are more of hope, honesty, opportunity, and fairness. Not the routine kneeling and standing without meaning, hoping that you live a “what would Jesus do?” life and get accepted into another social hierarchy. Life should be about embracing, not dwelling on what may or may not be true.

As I sit here thinking more about my moral fiber, I can’t help but wonder why it is that people feel so strongly about beliefs. All they do is cause fighting and ignorance to prevail. The reason I believe in me is because I would be a liar if I said that I believe in love, faith, religion, strength, retaliation, or anything else people might have a strong belief towards. I don’t want to say that “I have one interpretation of the world and everything in it, so don’t bother trying to question it or change my mind”. No. I am open-minded about anything. Flexibility to accept other ideas is one of the strongest virtues in life that far too many people tend to ignore and overlook. Those of you with firm beliefs are more susceptible to stubbornness and the inability to accept the fact that you may be wrong. You can’t be dead certain about anything, really. Not one person has the same perception as another about every aspect of this world.

I believe in me because no one else will. My mind is set, yet no one can bear my thoughts. If thoughts mean nothing, why do we dream at all? The dreams I’ve had will not be taken seriously by anyone other than those who love and believe in me. If everyone belittles your goals, can you really ever count on another individual? I contemplate these questions fervently. For those willing to rebuke my perception of “beliefs”, I do welcome it. Because I strongly believe, while not believing in believing, that believing in beliefs should not be believed in… I believe. Therefore, I believe in me and only me. Do you?