Second Chances

Stella - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: forgiveness

This I Believe…

I believe that everybody should be given a second chance. Although there are some who strive for perfection it is something we can’t accomplish no matter how hard we try. In life we will make mistakes, I’m not saying that it’s good, but sometimes we learn best when we make mistakes. Life was never meant to be perfect. Things aren’t always going to go our way, but that’s why there are second chances. I believe that no one could do something so awful that they shouldn’t be given a second chance.

As a teenager and full time student I can say that I am guilty of perfectionism and its consequences. I tend to perfect everything that I can possibly be in control of and always get things done right the first time. If the first try isn’t right I tend panic, freak out and let out a few screams and then my parents or friends will have to calm me down and tell that I can just do it over again. Second chances go beyond my school life; yes, I am talking about the real world.

During this past summer my friend Noel and I did everything together. Even though she is one year older, we somehow were always stuck together. We are both of the same ethnic background and our families love talking to each other. Even older brothers are good friends. She I play the same instrument together in band and we also attend the same church. Starting with the first day of summer we attended driving school together plus we carpooled and in afternoon we would spend time together at her family restaurant playing cards and serving customers. Later in the evening, if she didn’t have to work we would go to church activities and hang some more and shockingly we never got bored. As the summer continued our friendship grew, she and I talked about things that none of our other friends really knew, we just had connection a bond that was bridged by laughter and joy of life. Sadly, by the end summer our friendship just started to sink, to me it seemed like I lost apart of me. I know that I might have said something that maybe I shouldn’t have said, so I am asking you Noel please give a second chance because I’m just not perfect!