World belief

Katy - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This world I believe has so much more potential than we as a human race could ever understand. It is so mysterious and beautiful even with all the global problems we are experiencing in this century. The lives we live are busy, the roads are buzzing with life and everywhere we turn there is something going on. There are elementary kids that believe they will stay young forever, the teenagers like myself not sure if we want the future or the past, the college students, whether they be starting or ending their educations who are attempting to start a life. Then this is where we get to the elder’s, not necessarily the elderly people, but the ones that have experienced enough life and wisdom that they can share with the children of the generations that lie after them.

When I get the chance to hear stories other people have lived I feel grateful. Grateful that these certain individuals would actually take time to share their lessons learned so that maybe I can diminish the possibilities of repeating the past instead of creating a new future. There are so many people who do not perceive life as a gift but instead as a burden. Personally I don’t know how make their lives worth living or even what to tell someone who says “I hate my life”. I feel as if we as a society have diminished the hope that our ancestors fought so hard to build. They went through so much and received so little.

The children of today have been brought up with “birth-right advantages”. We use electronics everyday for things that others in the past only dreamed of. This life is so advanced that I believe we don’t understand how to fully comprehend how to deal with it. The lives we live are complicated enough, but if we could all just slow down a bit and try to take in the beauty of the things that surround us.

Think about the world just like a child beautiful and wild. Picture that child running through the waves along the beach, If only we could reach out towards that innocent being and experience even a minute of that joy.