Just got Lucky

Jonathan - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe I am here for a reason. Everything happens for a reason, and that’s about the only thing I believe in. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t know what to believe in and that’s the only thing that has ever seemed to stay constant.

I have done a lot of dumb things in my short life, but none of them have seemed to really effect me. I have driven when I have not been in the proper condition to drive, I have jumped off of things I should not have jumped off of, and I have lit things on fire I probably should not have lit on fire. Any one of these things could have turned out to be the last dumb decision I had made but none of them have. The most specific event I can recall is when I passed out driving home from baseball practice on the highway. I lost consciousness veered off the road into the grassy median, and woke up just in time to avoid hitting a sign. I could have easily run into another car, I could have hit a sign or a poll, I could have died that day, or I could wake up just in time, miss everything, be fine and do no damage to the car. So, why am I here? I must be here to do something important, maybe I am just lucky. Or there might be someone, or something, watching over me. I have to contradict my self when I say someone must be watching over me because if I really listen to what I’m telling my self on the inside I have to doubt there is one greater entity.

If there was one great god then why are there multiple religions? Wouldn’t that one god spread his teachings to all the corners of the earth? Would he not spread the same teachings all over the world? Religion is the one idea that most of the population seems to believe in yet there is no proof. Global warming has more proof but less believers, I’m not sure how that works. Let’s say he does exist, let’s say there is one greater, all knowing, all loving god. Then what if I doubt his belief and he does exist, why has he saved me multiple times from things that surely would have killed others. Maybe I am not special, or there is no god, maybe I’m just lucky.

What I truly believe is that some of us are here to do something, and those of us who are will live our lives fully up till that point. Einstein was a Jew in Germany. His family moved to Italy prior to the Nazi party, but what if they didn’t? We may have never discovered the genius that was Albert Einstein. So was he here for a purpose? Maybe he was just lucky.

I am not trying to compare my self to Einstein, but maybe there is a spatial relation between the two of us. Maybe I am destined to go on and do great things; maybe I will cure cancer and be leader in the field of medicine, or break some important record in baseball. Maybe when you look on your television in a few years you will see my name, , and you will think “Now there is a great man, someone who has really changed our lives.” Or maybe I just got lucky.