I Believe In True Love

Robert - lenior, North Carolina
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I Believe In True Love

I believe in true love, once you find the person that you love you’ll know it. When you find the one that you truly love they complete you. The reason you’ll know that their you’re true love when you close your eyes all you see is their smile and it makes you smile.

My mother has been a great example of true love to me, she started out thinking her true love was my dad but he never made her smile she was just always sad. My dad beat my mom and did drugs in front of me and her and it made her life and my life horrible. Now she has had my step-dad that makes her the happy and she always has the biggest smile on her face when I see her now. She is the happiest I have ever seen her cause she has found her true love. I’m so glad my dad isn’t around to beat her or do drugs even though I love him we don’t need that stuff.

Also I believe I have found my true love, she makes me smile everyday I see her and I’m so happy that I get to see her almost everyday. Without her in my life I think I would be incomplete (not happy at all). This person is one of the ones that I love so much that I would risk my life for theirs. This is the person I trust my life too and I love her truly.

The reason I believe this person is the one for me is because I just get this feeling inside when I see her. She completes me all the strengths and weaknesses I don’t have she does she is just the one I love. In the morning when I get up I’m always tired an sleepy to the point I can almost fall asleep anywhere then I see her an it’s like some hit me in the face i wake up immediately an I’m happy.

In end have you seen someone that just in a deep depression from a breakup? Simply walk up to them and tell them that. I believe in true love.