Chelsey - Hudson, North Carolina
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

My love for basketball began at a very young age of 4. My dad had me playing for a recreation team. I played many different sports but something about basketball made me want to play it more than anything. I also learned you have to have determination. You have to work hard and let nothing get in your way. I believe determination will get you through anything.

In middle school basketball was pretty easy and had a pretty awesome team. But my freshman year I learned the value of determination more than anything. I played basketball for my district high school. I was co- captain and very excited for the season. I gave my everything in practice and notated that only a few people had the passion and fire in their eyes that I had. I told myself that I wasn’t going give up and give it my all. We played games and lost and my anger began to grow. A few weeks later my co-captain got hurt during practice. I had to take double duty and take on her responsibility as well. I put lots of stress and pressure on myself. I was determined to work with what I had and make the best and be strong. But I did have nights of crying, being restless, and so ill at everyone that came in my sight. I was told many times, “Chelsey quit putting stress on yourself and just play the game!”

My co-captain eventually returned and the season got better and fun for me. We finally won a game and I was so happy and proud of my team I couldn’t even tell you. After that we still struggled and it was hard but kept thinking of my long term goal of playing in college and in the WNBA. So I kept pushing myself to play hard even though I didn’t see the same passion. I also got noticed for my hard work and passion by my coaches saying yes she will work hard for us, I want her. It came to the end of the season; I was happy and ready for a new season but sad at the same time. I played AAU during the spring and summer and grew so much and continue to work had and have passion. If I had not been expected or pushed by my parents or coaches or even myself I don’t think I would be the person or player I am today. I believe determination will get you anywhere if you believe.