This I Believe

Ryan - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in me. It is not that I believe that I am greater than others, but rather more that I believe in myself, my entire being, my success and my failure. If I didn’t believe in me, and know who I am, then I would simply be another forgotten face, another forgotten voice. If life were a tree, then your words and actions, your leaves, are based on your roots, your beliefs. But before you know your beliefs you must know who you are inside.

I am me. I am tough on the exterior. I am soft inside; the smallest and most offhand comments can plague me for hours, days, sometimes longer. I am funny, people often laugh at my jokes, or lack of. But I am serious, sometimes sitting for time on end contemplating whatever is on my mind. I am my successes; they drive me in life, outlining my ability to excel, to rise above. Yet I am my faults and failures, they define my core, bringing me back to earth, keeping me human and my ego down. I am me.

If I didn’t believe in myself, then I would cease to exist. It is this belief that makes me continue doing what I do how I do. My mother taught me long ago that you must put your soul, you belief into what you do, if not, then it’s not quite yours. So if I do not put myself in my actions, make people remember what I do because I do them, then I am obsolete, an interchangeable part in the ever continuing machine of history.

When people do not believe in themselves then the “machine” eats them, grinds them to oblivion. I believe I will not succumb to the grinding gears of memorial oblivion, to be left out of the minds of others. I believe I will leave my mark in history. My footprint, no matter how large, no matter how small, it WILL be there. I believe.