I Believe in the Strength of the Female Political Leader

Carolyn - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

I Believe in the Strength of the Female Political Leader

The political events of the last six months, I believe, have transformed the way in which women are perceived as political leaders. For many years, women have taken the back seat to men when it comes to making important political decisions, running for political office, or even contributing significant change to the well-being of our country. Women were previously seen as the weaker of the sexes, feeble and not suited for the difficulty and vigor of a high political position. Perhaps seen as too frail or too emotional for the high pressure job of the presidency or vice presidency, women have been overlooked.

However, recent events on the political front have led me to believe that the national view of women is in a state of transition. Mainstream America is once and for all coming to the realization that a woman can be a capable and effective leader. Cases in point are two very strong women who have emerged onto the political landscape, with Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin leading the way.

Although Hillary Clinton did not win the nomination as the Democratic candidate for President of the United States, she did attain an incredible amount of respect and reverence throughout her rigorous campaign. More recently, Republican presidential nominee John McCain selected Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin as his running mate –

a true shock to many in the United States. With these two women establishing themselves as hard working and intelligent Americans, they are breaking the glass ceiling which has previously hindered women in becoming proven political leaders.

Although both Clinton and Palin have received criticism throughout their time in the political spotlight, I believe that each have displayed strong character, a willful work ethic, determination, and boundless energy, all components that describe the exemplary political leader. Senator Hillary Clinton, receiving her degree from Yale Law School, has significantly contributed to expanding health insurance coverage, as well as raising public awareness of health issues. Her support and commitment to children’s issues and women around the world has contributed to her growing respect and popularity. Governor Sarah Palin is quickly establishing herself as a proven leader, climbing from mayor, to governor, and now, vice-presidential nominee. Her work to promote the conservation of oil and gas, as well as protecting the environment, has contributed to her rising popularity.

As we move forward to improve the prosperity of our country, I believe that we do so in a different light; a light that validates women to potentially lead a city, a state, and even, a country. I believe in the ever-growing strength of the female political leader.