Lord I Believe In You

Melissa - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Dear Lord,

They say that you can hear my prayers. So I pray to you: save my grandpa. Every time I gaze into his sunken eyes, it is not him I see, but this isn’t what frightens me. What frightens me is the thing he doesn’t see; me. He just stares, not that stare you give someone when you don’t know who they are – that stare I could live with- but that stare of looking right through you, not noticing you at all. That stare haunts me. Still, I gaze into his eyes. I search for something. What, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s for a glimpse of meaning in his eyes, but I never see it. So, I pray to you Lord. Lord hear my prayers.

I used to be his princess. I used to make him laugh with my crazy antics and cry if he saw my pain. He would take me for a trip down the acre of his backyard and I would scream “I can see your workshop,” while peering up; sun radiating around him. With him I could commit no wrong, and I strived with my hardest not to. I used to be his princess. I want to hear him say I’m his princess. So, I pray to you Lord. Lord hears my prayers.

Lord, he isn’t better and now I fear I will never see the light in his eyes. But I feel you with him. Is your presence here to save him or take him away? Though how can I use the word “save”, when I know the best way to save him is to walk him to those pearly gates. I ask you to do what best for him, and I know that is your plan. But if his path is heaven, I beg you to let me see my grandpa one last time. So, I pray to you Lord. Lord hear my prayers.

Today is his birthday. I’m seeing him for the first time in awhile. My excitement consumes me and I can’t wait until I see his face, until I see his eyes, and he finally sees mine. I wait for the “princess” to escape the crevasses of his mouth and fall into his arms knowing faith has brought us back together. Today I got my wish. I still fear of that heartbreaking stare that haunts me in my dreams, but not today. Today, I boar into his eyes, I see what has been missing, and he greets me with open arms. He mouthed “hello princess”, and the anguish that has burdened my heart vanished. Lord, I am his princess, but today I am his angel. I will guide him. So, I pray to you. I thank you for hearing my prayers. Lord I believe. I believe in you.