Music and its influence

Chantel - Hazel Crest, Illinois
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that music is an influential force to the world, without it life would be dull. When you were a child, did you base many ideas and actions from the influence of the music that take interest in? Now-a-days people base their wardrobe, attitude, and even the way they speak around the music they listen to. Whether you listen to country, hip hop, rock, or R & B you show interest in that type of music because it describes how you are, or beliefs that you take part in.

Today, many young people are highly influenced by the music that they listen to, whether that influence is good or bad. Take for instance many young black males and females listen to the hip hop artist Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne talks about a lot of things in his music, but regardless of what he says, if the fan likes him, they show interest in what he is talking about. I myself find myself carrying some traits that Lil Wayne displays in his music. For example he says, “And if you come from under that water then there’s fresh air, just breathe baby God’s got a blessin’ to spare,” this not only helped me keep my head up when I was going through tough times, but it also gave me a spark to write another poem that made it to this years poetry book at Homewood Flossmoor, “Edda.”

Music can also influence the way one dresses. Take for instance the song “Air Force One’s” by the Saint Lunatics. After this song came out and was blasted on the radio, the market for Air Force One’s shot through the roof. Listeners were highly influenced to go out and by the same shoe as their favorite song. Not only was that a hit but does this ring a bell, “Apple Bottom Jeans, boot with the fuuur?” This song was played everywhere starting last winter, and every since then you see nothing but fur boots and Apple Bottom coats as you walk down the street. I myself have an Apple Bottom coat, and fur boots as well.

But music can also be a down fall. Some lyrics from many different genres of music have sexual explicit and violent lyrics that lure their audience into doing as they do. Not only do the lyrics have a bad influence sometimes, but the fans passion towards the music can cause negative behavior. One day I was in History class and we were discussing who we believed was the best rapper. I claimed Lil Wayne and Jay Z while others claimed Kanye West and T.I. This developed from a civil conversation to an argument, if the teacher hadn’t stopped the argument from developing more there could have been more serious problems over such a minor discussion.

“Music makes the would go round,” good or bad music definitely has an effect on the world, and would be a totally different place without it.