I Believe In a Love For What You Do

alexander - san antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe In a Love For What You Do

I believe in sticking to what you love no matter what the costs may be. That no matter how battered and bruised your life may get there will always be your love to give you happiness and light at the end of a dark tunnel. And that even if it means losing everything you own you will still be able to do the things you love. I believe this because without those things life just isn’t worth living.

In Portland there was a mid aged doctor who worked in a hospital tirelessly, and yet he loved it. He was always ready to help people, even if they irritated him at times. That is until he lost his license….. His boss was a crook who started selling drugs on the street using this doctors license, he thought he was invincible. When the doctor found out he was furious, he ordered his boss to stop at once! However the boss didn’t want to, so this doctor used some even more colorful language all the while the crook was laughing. Had the doctor known how powerful the boss was he might have chosen a different path, but no he chose to stick to what he believed in. In the end the boss said one of the most cheesy lines ever” you will never work in this town again!” and fired the doctor.

Slander and lies were thrown at his name everywhere he went. The crook was apparently friends with the governor. Like a pilgrim desperate to stick to what he loved the doctor was constantly in search for work. But he could never land a job for more than two years, his past would catch up with him and the crooks would hear of it. Until finally his past was forever on him like a shadow following him and preceding him. This doctor would spend the rest of his days scratching out a living with computers and trying to regain his respect in medicine.

It wasn’t easy, he would spend many nights crying and drinking to relieve the pain, it never did go away. But the fact that he always had a end goal comforted him, and the fact that he was doing something he loved kept him going, barely at times. That is until the end of his days, he died in his sleep. And the thing we found in his apartment was a bunch of medical journals and a upcoming interview for a job.

This story isn’t fiction, it is truth. I tell you this as the son of this man. He was always kept together by the fact that he did what he loved, and if he hadn’t he might have died sooner. I believe in what he believed in, that a love for what you do will always keep you together and Is the only thing that I live for.