One day this will be over

Cristina - Boerne, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

One day this will be over. Not today, maybe not tomorrow…. but one day this will be over. This I believe. Chew your food slowly. Drink between each bite. Drink water, only water, lots of water. Spit it back out! Don’t let it go to far, get it back up.

I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m not good enough. But your never satisfied. Do you put me down to raise yourself up? Or are you more stupid than I for doing this to myself on your behalf. Your “love” has brought me a friend…. an enemy. Your oh so strange ways of showing “love” have brought me an escape. But don’t worry, I never go to far. Because your words have chained me exactly where I am.

Run! Run till your heart stops! Run from them… run towards happiness. Run towards tomorro, when you wake up thinner.

So tonight… kneel down, tie your hair back. Pull out that one toothbrush, the one that’s been there for you all this time. Arch your back and bring it back up. Bring back all the pain, the voices bouncing in your head. Get rid of them and flush them away. They’re not a part of you anymore, this I believe

Roll into bed, as a tear rolls down your cheek. One day this will be over. When there is no more pain. When the only voice you hear is yours. When the scars they left you, aren’t a part of you anymore. It won’t be today, maybe not tomorro… but one day this will be over. This I believe.