A Broken Heart Continues To Beat

Katlin - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

A famous author once said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Life may hand you experiences you may not want to partake in, but what choice do you really have? Problems with relationships, family, friends, whatever it is, I believe that you’re able to get through it, as long as you know a broken heart continues to beat.

When I entered seventh grade, I finally got the opportunity to date “the boy of my dreams.” As young as we were, and as corny as it sounds, I really cared about him. After six months, he broke up with me for no reason. Though it really hurt at the time, we soon reunited as friends and actually dated again a year later. Though the pain was no fun, it was worth it in the end. It opened a window to a new mindset that a broken heart continues to beat.

My sophomore year of high school started off pretty well. I thought that I had a lot going for me until I found a letter my sister had written to express her anger. Through the note I learned that my father had been cheating on my mother. Then pain was completely real and in a larger amount than I had ever felt. Confused and completely broken, with my sibling on hand and my church group to help me through, I am still standing happy today. My parents are working things out and I know that things are going to be okay. How? I’m positive that a broken heart continues to beat.

With close friends to help me through these messes in my life, there are two people that have stood out of the crowd. One is a girl, my complete best friend. The other is a boy, my other best friend. Having a best friend of the opposite sex that you can trust and be your complete self around is awesome until you start to fall for them. I stand here today with feelings for my best friend, knowing that we cannot enter a relationship because it would be too much of a risk to ruin the friendship we already have. Even though it hurts, and I would do anything to give the pain away, I will be okay because I know that a broken heart continues to beat.

After experiences I have gone through in my life, I can very well say that when the going gets tough, I get going. From a silly seventh grade relationship to a rough patch with my family, and having feelings for someone when I know it will not suffice, all I can do is try to be strong and deal with what I am given. What else can you do when you are in a rut than deal with what you are given and learn from the experience. Through all of this, I have learned, that a broken heart continues to beat.