He Believes in New Beginnings

Michael - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe…

He believes in new beginnings.

Lightly strumming his guitar, sitting at the edge of his bed, a tear rolls down his cheek, and yet he has never been this happy. There is a song playing on the radio, but all he can hear are the voices of all those who neglected his choice, how they denied him, and disowned him. But despite this he is happy.

He remembers the years of sitting at home, waiting for his dad to show, knowing he wouldn’t. He recalls the empty house, mirroring his heart, in its lack of warmth, always cold. He can still taste the frozen pizza and ramen, which he lived off of for almost a year. He remembers the time he looked out at the moon, and cried himself to sleep, hoping for something better…and he is relieved.

He remembers the first time she said, “I Love You” and how it made his chest burn with joy. He can still remember her perfume, subtle, soft, and sweet. He can still remember watching her drive away, and never seeing her again. And he can still remember when she pushed him aside, almost heartlessly, the sleepless nights, and the endless fountain of tears erupting from his eyes, and he is loved.

He remembers the good times as well. He remembers the people, the pain, the broken bones, and the jokes about them the next day. The pranks and how they ruined some people’s lives in some of the best ways. He chuckles at the thought, and once again he is happy.

He recognizes his new home, strange and loud, with sirens blaring in the night, and yet he has never felt this safe.

He experienced good and he experienced bad. But he doesn’t choose to say which he had more of, for he doesn’t believe in looking sadly back on the past. He doesn’t believe in grudges, or at least not anymore. He sits there lightly strumming his guitar, and he remembers these things in the best way he can. He looks at life as a learning experience and doesn’t drag his days by.

He is happy, and he believes in new beginnings.