Dreaming Big

oscar - houston, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

The idea of making a Lowrider Car Club began when I had the chance to know this wonderful person name, Josefina Christina. I was a very angry and cold person back in the day, I didn’t like anybody, I used to fought with everyone even people I didn’t even knew over little things; things that almost got me shot several times but even that I didn’t make me change the way I was. I rather be alone than anybody to look after me or take care of me; funny that’s the way I used to think 3 years ago, “Who need friends?”

It was, I guess, somewhere around March when she got the courage to talk to me. I perfectly remember her, the way she talk it was like I was listening to a love song or something, her eyes so intense at the way she look at the way u might look at your teddy bear when u go to sleep, her hair so long and pure brown, and all I knew at that time it was her name, Josefina Christina, beautiful right. The true is that she really did change my life in a way I never though it would be. The fact that I used to not care about anybody I was just kicking my life to the fullest. Well she came to me and sit by my side and she ask me something like what I want to be or what are my dreams, the same you might hear from your teacher everyday. I reply, “No, I don’t have anything in mind right now”. The fact that she was telling me I could be anyone, no matter how hard it look, I could make any dreams come true with dedication. I told myself, “Yeah right, anything I want”.

Then one day I was looking at my dad car body shop and I saw a Lowirider magazine. I was so amazed there were cars so badass painted and crew from all over the world working on this amazing art work which makes me so interest in it. Now dreams of forming my own crew, my own art, and my own Lowrider Car Club. With friends that will be working with me in this amazing job and make this dreams come true. Show everybody in this world that we can be someone by making our cars; show them our hard work and dedication.

Now that I have this dreams I know now why she got the courage to talk to me about that, and I mean I thanks her for giving me an advise that would always help me in my life; never to give up, always keep on fighting on what you believe, and make your dreams come true no matter how hard it looks. I know that everybody can make their dreams come true if they want to; if I am starting to make mine why can’t they make theirs. But I know that someday somehow this big dream that I have it will come true along with friends and family; I will take them to the Lowriders Car Show where every crew go to compete with each other cars by showing their art in the cars. Now I know that it feel so good to dream big because when you dream you can do so many amazing things in your life and I am just starting mine.