This I believe

Zachary - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that my mother’s house remedies shockingly work.

For every midnight headache, pink eye, or sore throat, there would always be a solution… surprisingly it would never be over the counter medicine.

Nov. 30th wasn’t just a date on a calendar , or someone’s birthday on the other side of the world… it was the night I had the worst headache ever!

Lying face down, I would turn my head 90 degrees every 20 seconds to get some air. I felt terrible, and the only thing I had near me was an empty glass, a huge house phone without batteries (that contained all my family phone numbers taped on the back), and a remote that was missing the “power” button. I guess my mom had super powers or something because she came in that room the minute I woke up. Holding a refreshing glass of water in her hands she told me, “Mijo, te hicieron ojo!” Which I guess means someone kept on looking at me and devoured my body with their eyes. I don’t know how this can lead to a headache 5 hours later, but that’s just what she told me.

What… so she’s a doctor now? I don’t think so! For too long have I been enduring her oh so amazing home remedies. I slowly became her cute little lab rat for the past 7 yrs.

I gave my mother such a loving smile when she walked into my room. Not because she is a sweet warm-hearted lady, but because she is a sweet warm-hearted lady with a glass of cold water in her hands… and that water look so good, I think I might have given it “ojo.”

I began to wonder why my mom had an egg in her other hand…

For the next 15 minutes I was rubbed with a stupid egg all around my face, chest, and back. In the end she cracked the egg over the glass of water and told me if the yoke looked a certain way, I would be cleansed.

In the end, I was “cleansed.”