This I believe in Round Tables and Furry Friends

Elizabeth - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that all homes should have a round table and a furry creature begging by the side. A table filled with love and laughter and the feeling of belonging. Whether the table is filled with a feast or a simple meal, that furry friend is there by your side. Those friends, be a human or canine, are there to listen to you and be your guardian. They will protect you even if their life is in danger and will go out on a limb to please you. This round table brings unity and an even level of peace among those around and beside it. Unity is formed not through sharp edges and turned backs but through the eyes leading to the soul.

My mom would always yell at me, “Don’t feed Buttercup while we were at the dinner table,”

I would whine, “She’s part of the family.”

Somehow the word family would make my mom give-in. The roundness of the table brought never ending relationships. Everywhere you look it is someone you know and love. We were all there for the same purpose which was good food and fellowship. It seemed as if the meal would be the main focus, but in reality it was only the connection that brought individuals together. It didn’t matter whether anger or love was present in our hearts; the table and the pet are what brought my family closer. It was as if Buttercup could sense the rising tension around the table and she would act as the mediator when tensions would escalate. She wouldn’t allow the family at the table to become further upset with one another. She would wag her tail and move person to person demanding attention and food causing the tension to be forgotten.

A round table and the family pet are what help bring unity and peace. The round table is an item that brings a family back together physically after a long day. The family pet is what reminds everyone around the table that they are loved no matter the situation. The pet reminds everyone why they are there, which is love, This I believe.