This I Believe: Love is for everyone

Elizabeth - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

This I Believe: Love is for Everyone

I believe that true love is for everyone. I believe that every heart is meant to be loved, by a significant other or a soul mate. I believe that no one was ever intended to die alone. Hearts get broken by love, but they can also be healed by love as well.

I moved from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania about a year ago, and I found that the love from having friends made things a little bit easier. I moved at the end of my freshman year and I found its hard being a sophomore in school and being asked to pack up your life and be completely thrown into an entirely different situation. I lived in Pittsburgh ten years of my life, I’ve known the same people since elementary school, and I haven’t had to learn how to make new friends. The friends that I have found now have taken me in as part of their little group and it’s nice to know that with being a new kid I have friends who love and care for me.

I believe that love can sometimes hurt people. I believe that sometimes love can be the source of one’s problems. I’m broken in my family. I don’t have much love for then anymore since we moved. I don’t really talk to them or trust my family very much. I seem to fight with my parents a lot of the time now, over stupid things. Family time doesn’t matter much to me anymore; I now see it as a waste of time because no one ever really says anything anymore. My heart is broken when it comes to my family because I really could care less what they do. I know this is probably not the best thing to be feeling as a junior in high school but I can’t really help what my heart feels. Yet, I still believe that love can heal even the worst broken hearts.

I believe that any form of love is true love; we have to accept that even hurtful love is still love. When I moved and I think that the love from my family is hurtful, I realize it may not be intended to be hurtful. Our family is there for us, it’s just how we as a person decide how to react to our situation. I decided to react in a negative way; and it’s divided me and my family. I believe that love from our friends is the second most important form of true love. Our friends are the people who help us through when our family can’t. My friends have helped me thorough so many troubles it’s not even funny, I know that with out the love and support of my friends I would be no where close to the person I am today. I believe that love is the most powerful emotion that a person can feel for someone else.