the love that we gave away

jose - houston, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

She is one of the pretties girl I ever laid my eyes on, she has a pretty face and a nice attitude. I love everything she does I love the way she talk and i also love her pretty smile. I thing all of those characteristic make me fall in love with her. May be it was because she was everything I was looking for or probably was just me trying to fine someone to love.

Everything started it on summer school, when I was there to retake a class that I had left on ma regular school year. Elisabeth was one of the people that was there 2 help the teacher with whatever they need it .She had graduate already and I knew she was about 2 go 2 college. The teacher gave us some kind of test but on that time we were allow to ask for help. Before she passed all the testes and way before I had the test on my desk I was already planning to ask Elisabeth for help. Sense that day we became really cool friend and we really got to know each other very well. One of those day everything change from good to bad, I really didn’t knew what happen but she just stop talking to me, some times I wonder what I did wrong.

I believe good friendships should last for ever, and you should know how to choose the person that you want to have there next to you in good times and bad. Sometimes think don’t work out the way they sup post to and you end up giving you love to some one that don’t deserve it. So choose wisely when ever you gave love away because love is one of the pretties thing we have.