Do you believe in yourself?

Viola - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Do you believe in yourself?

I believe in me ! You could think that sounds conceited. Who could you believe in if you not believe in yourself ? I don’t believe in God doing everything for you. In my opinion you have to manage your own life and must work for it. You can’t still hope that God will help you when you aren’t doing anything. It’s your live and you have the control over it. Of course, it’s a help for some people to believe in God, they find hope in him and this is making them stronger.

What make us stronger? Our families and friends. I believe in my friends. I always can get help from them, can trust them and count on them, when I need them.

“ Together we can make it “.

I believe in myself, because I’ve got the control over my live and everything I do, I am to blame for this. I can make decisions, more or less important ones.

I know what I want for my future, so I have to work for it. There will be always a couple of people who aren’t fair to you. But do you want to hide then and just shut your mouth to be someone who you are not?

You could work very hard and nobody respect that. But you have to b strong all the time.

“ It isn’t that, what you are doing, it’s the way you do it. “

Do you want to pass a chance, your chance, just because of you are too shy? I really don’t think, that this is what anybody want.

I believe in me, because I think I can reach my dreams if I want it, if I work for it, if I can count on my friends and know that I am not alone, if I believe in