Dream v. Disaster

Blanca - Houston, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

Her face was pail she had a frown, tears running down her cheeks, looking weak and sick looking deeply into my eyes. And she said to me in a soft, weak and quiet voice “Blanca I want to tell you something important.” She held my hands and said “I have cancer in my blood.” Tears coming down faster looking even weaker I’m in shock my body just froze. I was unable to do nothing but hug her and cry. I held her around my arms, she felt fragile and light.

A lot of things were going thru my mind; I was sad and mad as well. I felt mad at god right there because how could he give this disease to someone so nice and caring and full of joy like Jessica. This was a great surprise to everyone because nobody imagined that Jessica would have something so deadly.

Time passed Jessica got even fragile and weak began loosing a lot of weight, did not eat as much and her beautiful, fullness hair began to fall off. Then once she said “Its time for me to be strong and not let this disease kill all my dreams.” She forced a smile thru all that painless, sleepiness, weakness and her swollen face. That brought me some joy so deeply inside of me.

Just like everyone else and her mom she takes care of her self. I always use Jessica as my inspiration, because every time I have a problem I think of what she is going thru and how doesn’t stop her from doing what she wants to do.

So her experience helps me relies that if a huge and deadly problem dint stop a 14 year old then why should a small problem stop a 16 year old. But don’t make them aside just don’t let them come between you and your dreams and hopes.