Love at First sight

Natalia - houston, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

As soon as you see those light brown eyes, you get so enlightened of her beauty. That’s what happened to my brother in law. His first true love was my sister; it was love at first sight. He never tough, that he will meet his other half at a 15’s. Is so amazing how even though you don’t look for anyone you find someone so special and perfect for you.

It was October 13, 2007 and my cousin Cristina was going to have her quinceañera. As soon as my sister and I enter through the hall, she notices how a guy was starting at her. He felt so stunning and thought that she was the only girl on that place. He saw her beauty illuminates her whole body. He had never seen someone so beautiful as her; had embraced any wrong thought of woman’s he had on mind. He felt so nervous to talk to her. He just thought she wasn’t her type. He came up to her and just started to talk to her. My sister was also interested in him. There it was an instant feeling of peace and butterflies in her stomach. Everything just meant that it was love at first Singh. Then each got their numbers and began to talk as friends. After knowing for a while they started dating and haven’t broken up since October 24, 2007. It seems as both loves each other. They do everything together and when they have a problem, they talk about it.

My brother in law is always taking care of my sister. It doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her. He always looks up for her. He is even planning ahead of what is going too happened in the future, and in his plans my sister is in it. There are a lot of things they both have been through specially problems with families, however they both talk with them and are getting along.

I believe that love t first sight because my sister and her boyfriend have prove to me that it does exist. Two people that were not even looking for a boy/girl friend have found it in a 15’s. Is amazing how they both love each other the instant they saw each other. How both were just amazed of each other not noticing others guys/girls around them.