Mistakes are lessons learned

Francisco - Houston, Texas
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I screamed, “No dad no, please don’t hit me I promise I will behave.” “What did I tell you” he said. He stripped down his belt that long thick brown leather belt and gave it a swing. I began to cry but suddenly I paused to think, “What am I doing.” I grabbed the belt by the end that was hanging from his hand and pulled with all my strength and managed to stop him from swinging.

I was hanging from the belt and he was screaming, “Let go now”, you could tell he was frustrated. Out of no where my mom appeared and told my dad to stop, “She had saved my life”, I said to myself. It was a Sunday morning and I thought nothing could go wrong but then there came a knock at the door, it was my cousin.

We went into my room and glanced at that brown box full of toys, we looked at each other and without thinking ran to the box and flipped it over. I had some foam puzzle pieces and a power ranger action figure in my hands; I threw the action figure at my cousin starting a “toy war.” Instead of hitting my cousin, the toy went up to the ceiling breaking the spherical light bulb. The power ranger was stuck inside the bulb which had holes to the side.

I immediately went under the bed to hide, I was terrified, my dad was coming with his belt and that’s when I knew I had done the wrong thing and was about to pay the price for it. I believe that people should be careful of the things they do or the decisions they make because they can lead to harsh consequences but sometimes we need to make mistakes in order for us to learn. Now in days I laugh about it with my cousin, we have a good time remembering those senseless yet valuable moments. I know that I didn’t do the right thing by throwing objects in the first place, I should have known better but I learned the hard way. I now know that before I make a decision either right or wrong, I can look back at this experience to make a good decision leading me to that right path.