I believe in my brother

Jeremy - Granite Falls, North Carolina
Entered on October 16, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

I Believe Statement

I believe in my brother. My brother has always been a shy one. He sits in the back of the class and never makes eye contact with the teachers, for fear of being called on to answer a question. I used to pick on my brother which made him retreat farther down into his shell. I now know that this was wrong. I realized this on the first day of high school he was one of the few sitting alone and not talking to anyone. I felt sorry for him and vowed that this would not happen again. He is very insecure about talking in front of groups and doesn’t enjoy being around people in general. I have been trying to get him out of his shell. I will open him to the world. Everyone should know of his great personality.

For him to fully enjoy high school I need to make him open to making new friends and just getting out there and doing stuff. I have been taking him to hang with my friends, but he does not talk to them; he just stands there and nods his head yes or no when asked a question. At one point I gave up on him. I invited him to a party for him to meet new people, but he did not go and decided to play video games instead. This was a great chance for him to meet people all of my friends were there. But I vowed to never give up on him and I never will.

My mom did make him start to stay after school so he could meet new people, but he complained for hours and finally my mom did not make him stay after school. I was going to take him to the weight room were most of my friends go after school but I can not now. I do not know what I am going to do right now. I need to come up with some way of making him socialize on his on free will not just when he has to. I think I am going to trick him in to going to a party some how. My mom and I have been talking about this and I hope it works. I do not want him to be shy for the rest of his life for he will miss out on a lot of fun opportunities.

I will get him out of his shell. I do still have hope in my brother. I believe in my brother.