Our Earth’s Needs

Kylee - Cape Carteret, North Carolina
Entered on October 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

I believe that we need to care more about the environment.

I may only be fourteen, but I know how important our Earth is. Sure, when I was really little, I didn’t care that much about it. However, one day, when I was with my sister, my eyes were opened.

My sister and I would go to Oregon Ridge, and walk the trails every now and them. She was big on the environment, and during our walks, she would show me different things, such as what kinds of trees there was. So, one day, when we were walking, we found lots of trash on the trail where many people and animals walked. When we picked up some of the trash near a field, in the field, we saw a family of deer. At that very moment, we were worried that they had been eating some of the garbage.

From that day on, I became more aware. Picking up trash in the park, recycling bottles, and not littering are just a few ways I believe I can help. If we all do are part, I believe that the world would be a much better place.

I have some advice for all of us out there, help the planet. If we mess up this planet, we have no where else to go. For example, in the rainforest, if we continue to cut down the trees, there will be less oxygen and more carbon dioxide in the air. Statistics show that the U.S. has the highest carbon dioxide pollution in the in the world. It is ahead of all of the other countries by far.

It is obvious that global warming is happening as we speak, and we are just letting it happen, not doing anything to help. In recent years, many species have gone on to the endangered and threatened list. Polar bears could be gone before you know it, and same with many frog species. I believe that there is still a chance to help them if we act now.

Therefore we should all believe in what we can do for the Earth. I know, that I believe that everyone and anyone can make a difference. No matter what we should each try to help our one and only home.