Follow Your Dreams

Hayley - Swansboro, North Carolina
Entered on October 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that you should follow your dream, no matter where it takes you. If your dream takes you across the world, then I think that you should go. Even if your dream will take a few years, or more to get there, you should take the time to get to your dream.

I am not sure where my dreams will take me, but I am willing to follow them wherever they will take me. One of my dreams is to become a veterinarian, because I love animals and will love to take care of them. To become a vet, it will take at least four years in college to get there. I am willing to focus in those four years to become the best vet I can be. Even though it will take a lot of hard work, I am looking forward to those years of studying in college.

Another dream I have is to meet up with my old friends from Okinawa and Virginia. A lot of my friends live in many different places all across the world. This includes going to see my best friends Brittany, who lives in Texas, Nicole, who lives in California, Jordan, who still lives in Okinawa, and many of my other friends.

I also have a dream of going back to Okinawa. I lived there for four years and miss it terribly. I am excited to go back there, if I can. Okinawa is my favorite place out of all the places I have lived. I miss the smell of a tropical island when I am outside. In Okinawa it is very peaceful and really hot. The beach is the most beautiful beach that I have ever seen, because the water is so clear, a greenish color. I miss going to the stores off base, even though not very many people could understand English. It was funny trying to ask the Japanese a question; most of the time you would not get the answer you expected.

In Okinawa, I would go shopping at Jusco (their mall). I would eat at Arin Krin (Garlic House), Hawaiian Place, Super Man and a lot of other places. I would shop again at the hundred yen store, which is their dollar store, but is much better than our dollar stores.

So, now it should be obvious that I will try to follow my dreams. Even though one of my dreams will take a long time to retrieve, and another one of my dreams will take me around the world, I will still follow them. So, follow your dreams and let the adventure begin!