I don’t have time to write a

Korey - Alliance, Ohio
Entered on October 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I don’t have a great personal story, or a life-changing experience. All I have is a hectic life. I’m a junior in high school. I play volleyball in the fall and I run track in the winter and spring. Along with that I have job at my family owned restaurant. I have friends and a boyfriend who I never see, and now college is coming up and I look like a deer caught in the headlights. I’m stressed up to my chin with school work, keeping my room somewhat clean, and trying to get the stupid computer to work. Now I have to write and “I Believe” essay and I have no idea what to write about. I don’t believe in anything so strongly that I just want to write until my hand falls off. I had some topics but I don’t even know what I was trying to say on my paper.

Right now I’m in English class sitting in these uncomfortable desks, wishing I was lying on my trampoline clearing my head of volleyball and last nights Precal homework. Instead of researching and typing papers I want to play Barracuda on “Guitar Hero.” That’s something that’s worth getting finger cramps over.

I want to escape drive-thru’s and “May I take your order?”, to my fridge to scavenge for food. I want to have time to make a grilled cheese and some soup instead of microwavable Hamburger Helper. Instead of driving to McDonald’s after games, running errands in town, and driving to and from practice, I’m going to drive myself crazy and park in my room just so I can get out and lie on my bed. I’ll turn off the car radio and plug in my iPod. I’ll sing along to Queen and make sure I skip over Mariah Carey.

I want time away from my hectic life to stare off into space and wonder if “free time” actually exsists. Free time is better than that new cell phone with keyboard, touch screen, Internet, GPS, mp3, and the ability to call people. Its the thing that makes you close your eyes, breathe, and melt on the couch with your favorite slippers. I’d take advantage of that everyday, because I know right when I open my eyes I’ll be staring at my chemistry teacher wondering if that’s Cantonese coming out of her mouth.

That just brings me back to my fast forward life. I’m sixteen and I feel like the mother of Cheaper by the Dozen. I can’t even imagine. I also can’t imagine finishing this essay or even starting it. I wouldn’t have a great life-changing experience, because I don’t think I’d have time to have one, but I can imagine the day my family and I get to eat all together, and I get the chance to tell them the novel of my daily life. I can also imagine the look on my face when I finish my “I Believe” essay. I’d get to take in a long sigh, click my pen shut, crawl into my bed, pull my blanket up just passed my ears, get snugged in, and dream about “Korey time.” I like the sound of that.