Everyone should get a chance

Christopher - Newport, North Carolina
Entered on October 15, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that everyone deserves to live their life long dreams. I do because like Tony Hawk for instance sounded very pleased with his life and what he had accomplished his dream of becoming a professional skater. Now that he had lived his dream he gets to let his mind wander at ease and not feel like a failure without a life because he didn’t live it up his way.

There is still a possibility for me still if I try now because I still have a chance. My dream is to become a very successful lawyer. My mind would stop racing a mile a minute on what college to go to and if my grade point average is high enough or if the clubs I plan to join are prestigious enough to make my college application look like I am a well educated individual. And that I am good enough for an Ivy League college or a prestigious university.

When I think of one of the miserable people that didn’t get it in time I think of my father because since he jumped into family life and an educational life at the same time he didn’t do all the things that he should of done even though he was so close. It is sad to think that he was so close he could smell it and then it was snatched away from him and now he is miserable and has an eternity to look back at it and be tortured mentally about what he could have done. My mom is not at her full either but she still loves her life with her three children and a job that she likes. So even though she didn’t live her first dream she still lives a great life in her eyes.

So I am saying that even though some people don’t live there dreams it doesn’t mean that they are not happy. Even if my dad is never happy and my mom is always I feel pity on them, with no offense to them personally. I can’t ait until it is my time to show what I have to give and that I bring what they want what I have.